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Beautiful Product Description Tabs

Posted by Oliver Schönbett on

One thing we realized when setting up our stores is that the options for making the product description area are quite limited. There’s a textbox, and that’s it. Yes you can insert images (which is painful), but that’s not going to give you much design choices.

A feature that is requested for almost all our Shopify store setups is a tabbed product description area. Some themes will bring this incorporated, but usually that out-of-the-box functionality is limited to adding content from static pages to the tabs.

Many Shopify Merchants want to be able to structure product specific content dynamically. One good example is which is selling tea. On their product pages there will be information on the tea taste as well as the origin of each tea.

This information can’t be pulled statically, but differs from tea to tea. 

To enable this, we built a dynamic product description area. The approach is simple:

The product text for all tabs is maintained as usual in the Shopify product admin for each product. To tell Shopify which part of the text goes where, a key word is entered between the parts, e.g. *SPLITHERE* 

This approach has several advantages:

  • No need to include any HTML or other tags within your product description. Also, you can continue to use images as before, the editor functions as normal and our tabs won’t bother images.
  • You can have as many tabs as you want and you can even vary the amount of tabs per product by using more/less keywords. If a tab is empty, it will just not be displayed - if you chose so)

If you think you want to enhance your shopify store with this dynamic tabbed product description, you can get it for free here. The setup isn’t complex, but you need to know your way around liquid and the settings setup in Shopify. If you want to us to install the feature for your, check out our white gloves service which will handle the installation for you.

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