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Expert Setup or the "White gloves"

Posted by Oliver Schönbett on

There is no real point in time to which a decision to create free Shopify features can be pinned down, but while this idea developed we also realized that we must put out some offer for merchants without technical knowledge. We believe that this is Shopify’s main target group - people with great ideas, amazing products who need an easy accessible commerce sales channel.

And since great minds shouldn’t be troubled with boring HTML (or liquid for that matter) we thought that offering an all in we do this installation for you service would be really beneficial.

Here is how it works: 

  • You see a feature on our site that will improve your store and you request that feature.
  • We send you an email with the code snippets and a user manual.
  • You realize that HTML really is to boring for you, and you head over to the product page and purchase the white glove installation service
  • You receive another email with a first step (grant us access to your store as developers)
  • We set up the feature for you within 24 hours
  • You can start styling the feature with the Shopify Customizer you know from your theme
  • You enjoy your feature 

The setup service isn’t expensive and it will be worth the money - it will save you time and trouble while adding a great feature to your site.

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