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(More) about us

Posted by Oliver Schönbett on

This post is for the people who come from the “about us” page and thought: Hey, those guys seem interesting, I have to know more about them.

So here is how we see ourselves, what we think we want to do and our motivation of all this. (This is tricky to write and I hope I’m not drifting apart completely but maybe after a year or so I check the analytics and nobody has read the post anyways)

We indeed are the three guys that try to show off on the about us page, and there is no straightforward explanation of how we got to start a business together. Oliver and Dave went to university together, and while Dave chose to go all in on coding and became a software developer in Hannover, Germany, Oliver went to Frankfurt to kickstart his career with a consulting firm. This is where Olli met Patrick, who was his first flatmate, and Patrick staid in town for his internship with a bank. (yes, that is stereotypical, in Frankfurt you can work for Banks and for Consulting Companies).

5 years later Patrick was still in finance but decided that there is no fulfillment really, and Oliver was getting annoyed by too busy schedules, and it seemed to be great time to think about alternatives. Looking left and right they started their first projects ( and then discovered Shopify which seemed to be a really amazing tool, and after more and more projects around they sat down again and decided that it was about time to take this to a new level.

The new level is now our daily business, and it is still a great deal of fun. We launched a German site focused on Shopify Consulting, and we have received a lot of feedback and met amazing people with very interesting projects. We have also published our first Shopify App back in February, and it is a real success so far. And now we have Pimp my Shopify, probably the most exciting project so far. The site is probably going to be work in progress for quite some time as we have not settled on a final idea yet. But we want to support all the merchants out there with innovative and practical features and functionalities for Shopify Stores and create value wherever possible. If merchants enjoy our offer we are sure that there is something coming back for us too.

For this to work we would love to receive your feedback on everything - the page, the features, the services, whatever comes to your mind. We are looking forward to any kind of response and we promise to take your input seriously. 

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