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An Easy Way to Build a Converting Product Page without Cluttering It

Posted by Patrick Rosenblatt on

In several blog posts Shopify (for example here) and other writers underline the importance of having a converting product page. It makes sense to pay extra attention to this page as this is the place where most customers make the buy or not-buy decision. These tips usually involve a list of items that should be included on your product page:

  • A FAQ section to answer any question in the moment they come up
  • Customer Reviews to provide a social proof of your product
  • An extensive product description (of course, SEO and customer friendly)
  • Certificates and seals of quality to underline the quality of your product
  • Information about the guarantee(s) you offer
  • A link and excerpt of your shipping and return policies
  • etc...

Going through those lists you eventually realise that your product page would be a huge mess if you include all the things that should be included. But wait, there is an out: include Product Description Tabs

Product Description Tabs are probably the most popular way to show a lot of content on your product page without cluttering it. Unfortunately, Shopify does not have a standard option of just checking a box and adding the tabs to your product page. Fortunately, there is a way to easily add Product Description Tabs to your Shopify product page:

Do it yourself as suggested by Shopify (but with a little tweak)

So, because Shopify is just a great company they have a bunch of free resources that cover the most popular problems merchants encounter when building their store. In this article they provide a manual on how to add Description Tabs to your product page. While this approach works fine we find it flawed for this reason: they do not tell you how to add more than one tab with dynamic (i.e. product specific) content. Luckily, there are two easy hacks to get around this: 

  • use the "Split" filter of Liquid to split up your product description in different parts (this is also what our Product Description Tabs do)
  • use Metafields and assign these fields to a particular tab

Don't care for doing this yourself? No Problemo!

Our Beautiful Product Description Tabs use the approach described above. If you are tech savvy just download the free code and you will have it setup in no time. If you have no idea about coding you might be interested in our Expert Setup service. This way you do not only get the tabs and can set the content ONE TIME but ALL THE TIME. How you ask? Well, that is a great question. We add a section to your Customizer/Online Store Editor where you can create and manage your product description tabs without ever using a single line of code.

Because we do not use metafields you will be able to use HTML tags to format your product description via the "normal" product description section in your Shopify Admin.