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Easily Assignable Click Popups Manual



Hi there, great to have you on this site. By now you have probably purchased the gorgeous Easily Assignable Click Popups, and we have installed the code on your page.

This manual consists of three parts which explain: 

  • chevron_rightCreating the links for your Popups
  • chevron_rightSetting the content of your popup
  • chevron_rightStyling your popup


 We have designed our features to allow you to set as many options as possible yourself. Please let us know if you miss something or find the explanation hard to follow!


The settings are located in your normal theme customizer area. In you Shopify Admin Area, please go to "Online Store" --> "Themes"and click on "customize theme". In the left hand side list of theme settings, scroll all the way to bottom. You will find a new area "Click Popups". There is a list of settings available, where you can control

  • chevron_rightWhich content should be shown in the popup
  • chevron_rightThe styles of the popup
Admin Settings


Setup the links to be clicked

Because the popups are triggered by a click you have to define which element will be clicked trigger the popup. Let's assume this is somewhere on a page, product description or such. Highlight the element, word or words you want to link and chose "Add Link" in your editor. There you need to set the link to "#pimp-popup1" for your first popup, "pimp-popup2" for the second and so on.

Set the link of the clickable popup


Set the content of the popup

You will be able to write the header of your popup and set a page which content will be displayed in the popup. Let's assume you want to show "Shipping Information" in the popup. For this, create a Shipping Information page and select it afterwards in the dropdown in the Customizer.

Set the style of your popup

You can set the style of your heading (this will use the styles of your theme) and the color of the header and the text. Additionally, you will be able to set the background color and opacity of the whole popup. Let us know if you are missing any style options.

Popup style and content