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Order Over X Cart Discount Display Manual



Hi there, great to have you on this site. By now you have probably purchased the gorgeous Order Over X Cart Discount Display, and we have installed the code on your page.

This manual consists of three parts which explain: 

  • chevron_rightSetting up Shopify discount codes
  • chevron_rightSetup your discount code display
  • chevron_rightMechanics and technical stuff


 We have designed our features to allow you to set as many options as possible yourself. Please let us know if you miss something or find the explanation hard to follow!


The settings are located in your normal theme customizer area. In you Shopify Admin Area, please go to "Online Store" --> "Themes"and click on "customize theme". In the left hand side list of theme settings, scroll all the way to bottom. You will find a new area "Discounts - Order over X". There is a list of settings available, where you can control

  • chevron_rightWhich thresholds and codes to use
  • chevron_rightThe conditions for displaying the thresholds
Admin Settings


Setup codes in Shopify

Please refer to the Shopify Documentation to check how to set up discount codes. In this case, you will want to use the "order over" condition.

What the customer sees

Besides your message and the discount code the feature will display the saving amount and an updated subtotal on the cart page.

Display a message to explain process

You can write a message to your customer informing them that he will need to use the discount code displayed during the checkout process.

How the customer will see the Shopify discount code


Copy values and conditions to the Customizer

Because Shopify does not allow to access discount information automatically due to security reasons you will have to copy the code and conditions from the discount setup to the Customizer. Here you will find the same conditions as in the standard discount feature. Please make sure you copy the values as you created in the step above.

Depending if you give an absolute($) or relative(%) discount you need to type in either the absolute discount amount or the percentage discount value in "Type the discount value" without the currency/percentage symbol.