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Variant Image Penguin: Missing Image IDs

To enable our app to filter for the relevant images and hide all non-relevant images, we need to be able to read the image ID. Unfortunately not all Shopify templates have that ID included. But no worry, it’s just a tiny line of code which needs to be added.
If you know your way around HTML and have opened the Shopify liquid files before, hop over to your product.liquid (or in newer themes it's often the product-template.liquid in sections) and look out for the place where the images come into play:

Note that the highlighted area is only rendering the thumbnails. The main image is above that area.

Please add data-image-id="{{ }}" into the image tag ( behind the <img ) as shown in the screenshot.

That should already do the trick.

If you don’t feel comfortable messing around in your liquid file please reach out to us, and we will help you with that change!