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Beautiful Product Description Tabs

€0.00 €500.00

Check our documentation to see how it works.

  • devicesResponsive design for all devices
  • extensionAssignable to all or individual products
  • paletteEasily customisable without coding
  • done_allExpert installation within 48h

You probably want to provide as much information to a product as possible. What does it do? What is it made off? How does shipment work? Do I have a guarantee? Our product description tabs help you store more relevant information in less space. 

  • Structure product specific content and assign it to different tabs
  • Supports the display of static content as well
  • Set individual styles via the Shopify Customizer
  • Incoroporate your existing descriptions with one-click

Wondering how it works?

Watch the documentation video!

After your purchase, if you choose the white glove service we will install the Beautiful Product Description Tabs in your store.

You can style the Beautiful Product Description Tabs freely to your wish. We integrate a new settings area to your theme which groups all parameters for you and you can use the convenient standard Shopify live preview customizer.

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