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What is Pimp my Shopify exactly?

Usually, when you look for features to enhance your Shopify store you will end up in the app store. There you might find the add-on you were looking for but most of the times, this involves a monthly fee. Pimp my Shopify builds up a catalogue of powerful front-end add-ons without the monthly fees. A lot of the code we give out for free (do-it-yourself) but we also have an Expert Setup service if you need an Expert to install it.

What do I get for free?

All our features consist of liquid code snippets that can be easily included in your store. We will send you the code needed and a short instruction where to put what. The final integration into your theme is up to you, and so is styling the HTML components that come with each feature. In case you don't feel like doing this yourself, have a look at our white glove service

If I purchase the Expert Setup, what exactly does this include?

With the white glove service we will:

  • install the code in your store
  • apply the styles that your theme has currently setup
  • include a set of settings in your theme customizer

With those settings you can change the style of your feature - each feature has a setup manual where you can see what settings will be possible.

What do I do if I don't like the add-on after all?

Easy, you write us a quick email and we will refund anything you paid. If you find something not perfectly explained or executed, please let us know! Only with your feedback we can get better :)